Back in the summer of 1999, poster artist Mark London was surfing the on-line auction houses for vintage images of all kinds when he came across an auction of original Jazz Posters from Rhode Island. Mark contacted his close friend Joseph Weiss and directed him to the auctions that he had found. Joseph was so stunned at the beauty of the Posters that he bid on and won all but one of the Posters offered. The unusual thing about these Posters were that the Top of the Posters...The information as to where the concert was to be held… were cut off the original Poster. Enter Graphic Artist & Poster Guru Dennis Loren.

Dennis Loren is a well known Poster Artist and an unofficial Music Historian.  Once he saw the Posters that came from the Rhode Island collection, Dennis knew he had a new calling… to restore these Posters back to their original glory. It may never be known how many hours were spent restoring the images that you now see, but rest assured Dennis Loren’s efforts were relentless.

Dennis Loren had to create a computer program to be able to go into a Pixel level to clean any evidence of Dirt or distortion that were found in the Posters present condition. In between doing that tedious task, Dennis had to research the history of each artist as to where they performed in reference to the information left on the original Posters. This included dating the Pictures used in the Original Posters. Like a modern day Sherlock Holmes, Dennis methodically traced the artist and concert locations to the very shows shown in the finished Lithographic Prints. These Prints being offered are Historically Correct in every way. 

Unable to fully compensate Dennis Loren for all his time and effort, Dennis and Joseph Weiss, who had early partnered in a Whisky A Go Go Project in 1999, became partners again and formed Jazz Age Editions in May of 2000. (What happened to Mark London?... Well Mark London became Brian WIlson's personal Poster Artist and is doing very well... thank you!)

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