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Mark London was born and raised in Hollywood, CA to an artist/musician mother, and commercial packaging designer father. Mark formally began his art career as soon as he could hold a crayon. As his mother could see, Mark was getting straight A's in school, not for his english and math skills, but for his artwork that filled the margins and all outer space available on any given test or homework assignment. With an older brother and sister to influence him, coupled with a steady diet of Rock and Roll music, Monster Magazines, and a Television for best friends, Mark London was ready for the big leagues.

Drawing pictures of monsters and chopper motorcycles on his schoolmates notebooks for candy and pinball money, he saw the value of his art. Mark began designing logos and creating new packaging for his father's company at the age of 18. In 1998, Mark met legendary graphic poster artist Dennis Loren (Jimi Hendrix, Big Brother etc..) Seeing something special in Mark's work, Dennis began to collaborate with Mark on a number of C.D. art projects for Del-Fi records. In 1999, Dennis, along with great friend and invester Joe Weiss, encouraged Mark to produce his first rock concert poster. Living on a friend's couch at the time, Mark took the hint.

Mark's first poster done for Beach Boy's founder Brian Wilson at the famous Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles, was done in spite of the fact that the Venue would not give him any information on the show's promoters, forcing Mark to produce an "illegal" poster that he sold out of in the parking lot of the Wiltern as the fans left the show. In the same parking lot, Mark was given his second poster project done for "Guided by Voices". Seeing the great response Brian's fan's had to the Wiltern poster, Mark decided to sell a few more at the following night's show in nearby Anaheim, CA. He was promptly found out by Brian's publicist Jean Sievers, who instead of having Mark arrested, bought three copies of the poster, and along with Beach Boys lawyer Elliot Lott , Company President Ronnie Lippin, and Brian's wife Melinda, hired Mark on the spot to do the 1st of 5 "official" posters for Brian Wilson. (The $10 "illegal" Wiltern poster sold in the parking lot, was auctioned by a customer on the internet for $175.00 within a week of the show).

In the last year Mark has produced over 20 posters for such diverse acts ranging from 1950's Horror hostess and cult idol Vampira, to rockers Blue Oyster Cult, to comedian Andy Dick. Mark also produced for Electric Factory Concerts, poster #30 for The Go Go's/B52's concert. Other acts include Nancy Sinatra, Eric Burdon, and Dick Dale. Mark was asked in May of 2000 collaborater/photographer Robert Matheu to sign his now legendary "Brian on the Sunset Strip" poster done for the recording of Brian Wilson's first ever live solo record, over to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Not bad for 11 months work.

Mark is Represented by Hal Lifson 310-226-2895